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We provide large-scale components specially machined with CNC machines and other components included in the parameter scope of our machinery fleet for the purposes of railway industry.

Our offer of products and services, combined with our knowledge and experience, result in ensuring the best support for the most prominent key clients in this industry.

For electric and combustion rail vehicles we produce:

- steel structures based on ISO 15085 welding standard
- small- and large-scale precise machine cutting - we are specialized in elements such as a frame, a cart, etc.
- we perform laser and gas cutting, as well as bending of metal components
- we manufacture the parts of vehicle equipment, e.g. stairs and handrails.
- we construct and manufacture brushless electric motors for custom-designed railway applications.

We are aware of key issues, such as timeliness and product quality.

Borimex ensures exceptional manufacturing standards proven by measuring protocols from Zeiss CMM machines - we have the largest machine of this kind in the region.

Understanding the need for cooperation with clients, we invite your technologists to participate in the implementation of new products on many occasions in order to accelerate the process and fairly reduce the costs at every stage of the supply chain - this is proven by our accomplishments in this field.