the highest quality at every stage


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Timely completion of a delivery is a key issue in this industry.

Quality confirmed with:

- geometrical measurements
- NDT tests
- anticorrosive coating measurements
- tests according to specific requirements of our clients

It allows us to manufacture complex constructions, such as winches, deep-level pressure stainless covers, non-typical welded constructions.

We also understand the need for cooperation with clients in order to enhance the energy capacity and reduce the costs at every stage of the supply chain.

Borimex is a reliable and credible long-term partner offering Timeliness and Quality.

We ensure this thanks to the latest investments in

- modern supply chain management and logistics software
- full tracking of production processes through the use of bar codes
- the most modern large-scale machinery fleet in the region
- the biggest measuring machines Zeiss MMZB in Poland

Our greatest treasure are the employees, who understand the requirements and the highest standards of service thanks to their experience gained through the cooperation with global corporations.