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Our brand DURAMO offers a wide range of electrical products, mainly BLDC brushless motors, couplings and electromagnetic brakes. DURAMO is also about modern solutions in the field of motors.

We produce electromagnetically induced motors, commutated with electronic circuits. It is vital that motors ordered by our clients are delivered together with a driver adjusted to a given application. We specialize in custom-designed solutions for various applications.

The offered motors are applicable to e.g. water pumps, fuel pumps, air conditioner turbine and motor cooling turbine drives, as well as other devices requiring smooth regulation of rotations during operation.

Thanks to the innovative nature of our products, we contribute to the reduction of global pressure related to CO2 emission. Our activities also contribute to the economical operation of the product, thus excluding the use of wearing parts.


  • A proven alternative to classic solutions
  • Quality assurance - thanks to the absence of wearing parts
  • A possibility of smooth control of rotational speed as a function of measuring sensor or other external signal.