Supply chain management

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Supply chain management

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The driving force of activities in a supply chain is not supply, but demand created by clients. It is mostly about the chain of many interdependent companies representing both the supply and the distribution world.

We have specialist computer programs that allow to design, plan, fulfil, control and monitor the supply chain.  We track the flow of information, products and services thoroughly.

Supply chain management is an extremely important aspect for us, since it integrates our company with Suppliers and Clients.

For this purpose we use a range of latest advanced both in the field of software and organization:

- software for planning and scheduling production resources - APS
- manufacturing execution systems software (MES)
- we ensure full tracking of the processes thanks to the use of bar codes for every production activity
- integrated ERP system
- we can communicate with suppliers and clients through the automatic electronic data exchange B2B
- we have implemented an electronic shopping platform ensuring clear and honest competitiveness of EPP supplies
- Business Intelligence software allows us to supervise any indicators of KPI processes
- software for design management and supervising internal documentation workflow
- PLM software for documentation currency management and supervising the product’s life-cycle.